Welcome to our Hunting/Fishing Website

There will be no scouting on Sat., Mar. 15 and on Sunday, Mar. 16 until 1:00 pm due to a Wounded Veteran Turkey Hunt being conducted on the installation. We will allow public hunters to scout the public zones

We are now accepting applications for the Spring Turkey Season for Public Hunting.  Please see Hunting Notice, i.e. "2014 Public Hunting Permits for Two Spring Turkey Seasons, Mar 29 - Apr. 19 and Apr. 20 - May 11

TBI Background Checks: "A Tennessee Criminal History Record check (which is good for 4 years) or a current Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit is required by all hunters except:" MLAAP badged employees with current valid security checks; Active Duty Military; Retirees of 2 yrs. or less, and dependents or guests less than 18 years old.  Note: Dependents and guests 18 years or more are required to have a TBI background check.

Hunter Orientation: All hunters who hunt on MLAAP must attend a hunter orientation class (which is good for 5 years).  Hunters must attend class prior to purchasing a MLAAP permit. Exemption: Guests are not required to have orientation because the sponsor is responsible for his quest.

A lease to R & R trucking has resulted in security gate being placed across Rt-1 just north of the dunnage mill on Rt-1. This means that the lower half of Hunting Zones 19 and 20 will have restricted access. Hunters wishing to hunt the south half of zone 19 or zone 20 must have the guard dispatcher send someone to open the gate. Keys will not be issued.

The 2014 hunter orientation schedule has been set - see hunting notices for further information.

Beginning April 15, 2013, until further notice, Hunting Zone 17 and the associated fish pond is available for hunting/fishing on all days during the week.